Beautiful Hawkes Bay = Beautiful craft beer

Hawkes Bay is the home of honest craft beer

We love Hawkes Bay and it will always be our home. Somehow it just seems easier to create good craft beers and ciders when you work in such a beautiful environment. The Bay’s famous for its quality fruit, so it seems only natural that our Brewery should be in the middle of a cider apple orchard. 

Our mission is to capture the purity and essence of Hawkes Bay and lovingly distil it into every glass that you try of our honest, natural craft beer and cider.

About Hawkes Bay Brewing Company

Our brand is built on good craft beer

Since day one we have had three core values and no matter what the future brings we will always remain true to them. This is our brand promise to you.

Hawkes Bay - like our beloved region we keep the beer natural, fresh and pure. Independent - we are proud to stand alone and create craft beer that you love to drink. Honest - from our brewing process to our business dealings, we are always honest and open

Are we a craft brewery?

Yes, we are a craft brewery.  By definition, a craft brewery is smaller than the large-scale corporate breweries and is independently owned.

We don’t produce the numbers a commercial brewery does and we avoid all the modern, trendy shortcuts. So I guess we’re big enough to deliver consistent quality craft beer, yet remain small enough to care about how it’s brewed and what it actually tastes like.

A small brewing team guarantees quality

We have just four fulltime, multi-skilled brewers and cider makers. They perfectly blend practical brewing experience with creative ideas to constantly push the boundaries of innovation and taste.

From unloading the malt, to creating the brew, to reloading freight trucks for delivery - our brewers are involved in every step of the brewing process. This ensures every glass of beer is as good as it can be. 

Dreaming of perfect craft beers

Basil Diack's dreams of brewing high quality craft beers became a reality in 1995. After selling the Victoria Hotel in Napier, he opened a small brewery in Onekawa. As his beer became more popular and demand grew, the Brewery was moved to Meeanee, Napier alongside Ballydooly Cidery, an existing cider making operation - and refitted it with a purpose built brewery and tasting room.  Keeping in line with Basil’s original dream, the Brewery is still privately owned and dedicated to producing natural, high quality craft beers.

Find Us
Hawkes Bay Brewing Company
Awatoto Road, Meeanee
Napier, New Zealand
Phone: +64 6 844 9259
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